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Sell My Home

You don't need to be a DIY expert to advertise your property on the World Wide Web! At MyHomeForSale we use a powerful responsive advertising display format, designed for both traditional, PC based, web browsers and todays plethora of mobile devices. We pass your data to Google, Bing and other search engines to improve your property’s visibility. We also provide visit card templates that enable the presentation of your property in a novel direct manner.

How Much it Costs

As a start up service, we are cutting our costs to the absolute minimum and will guarantee that price for the life of your property advertisment.

Our base price is 30€ which includes our initial administration cost and 6 months hosting. Thereafter additional payments of 15€ are required for each additional hosting period of 6 months. When you sell your house we take no commission but neither do we refund unused hosting time.

Our list of charges:

ServiceOne Time ChargeSix monthly charge
Base service charge: display of up to 20 photographs and up to 800 words of text (photograph captions included)30€15€
More than 800 words of text1€ for up to 200 extra words50 cents for every extra 200 words
More than 20 photographs1€ for up to 5 extra photographs1€ for every extra 5 photographs
When asking us to translate your text to another supported language1€ for every 10 wordsnone
When asking us to provide a visit card template10€none

Take advantage of our "early bird" offer. If you are one of the first 20 advertisers we offer you the reduced initial base service charge of 10€ (instead of 30€) and a free visit card template (worth 10€).

To get started you simply e-mail us with the information shown below. Only when your property is ready for display and you have seen a preview do you pay us. Once you have paid we activate your property on our web site, it's that simple!

What we need to know from You

A web based form to enter the information we need is under development. Until it becomes available please supply the information requested below in an e-mail which you can send to us at

You can supply the required information in English, French, German or Dutch. You can send the same information in more than one language (we recommend using both the language used in the property location and English). We can provide translation services for a small fee.

Your Photographs

Attach your photographs to the e-mail you send us. In the e-mail you can create a table listing the file name of the photograph and its caption. If you are providing multiple language copies of your information don't forget to add captions for the extra languages. If you have a preferred photograph identify it and we will use this photo in searches and on the first page.

If you have a floor plan of the property and/or a site plan then don't forget to include these.

Photographs can be in jpg, png or gif format, they can be packaged in a zip file (but not a self-extracting zip file). The best results are often obtained from photos in a 4:3 landscape orientation but all photos can be displayed.

Property Description

Below you will see the property details section asking many questions about the property, in this description section you can use a 1,000 words to enhance and or explain some of the details associated with your property. The format is completely yours however you might find it useful to include some of the following:

  • Introduction, perhaps where the property is situated, how it is accessed or some pleasant facts about the property
  • Special features within rooms, built-in wardrobes, en-suite bathroom etc.
  • Special features of any garden
  • Local amenities, think of shops, schools, doctor/dentist, restaurants etc.

Property Details:

AddressThis needs to be the full address and postcode.
Use full addressPlace the full adress in the web advertisment. (Y/N)
TypeChoose from: House, Bungalow, Semi-Bungalow, Apartment or Land.
SubTypeFree choice single word to describe your property e.g. castle, chateau, mansion, villa, chalet etc.
LocationChoose from: Rural, Village, City Outskirts, City Centre.
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bath/Shower rooms
Building sizeThe values here are country dependent. For searches we use the floor area which can be specified as habitable, which excludes internal garage space and storage spaces. Total includes all areas. Don't forget to specify the units you are using (m², ft²). You can also supply the house volume (m³) if this is used in your country but always supply the floor area.
Plot sizeUse m²
Build DateThe older the more approximate e.g. 2012, 1970s, 19thC
Is there a separate study/office/work place? (Y/N)
Is there a garage? (Y/N)
Are there any outbuildings? (Y/N)
Is there a swimming pool? (Y/N)
PriceThis is your asking price for the property. Unless you state otherwise the currency will be that of the land in which the property is located.

Other features:

Your own short list (max about 5 items) headlining special features. Office space, garage, outbuildings as specified above will be included in this list. Information given here will be used as space allows.

Useful Statistics

Another short list with distance or time to get to key facilities e.g. named towns, motorway, airport, restaurants, golf courses etc. Information given here will be used as space allows.