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Got It!

How It Works

The MyHomeForSale web site provides an introduction service that connects homeowners wishing to sell their property with individuals looking to purchase. Anyone can browse or search the mhfs property pages.

When a potential customer for your property wishes to contact you, they complete an enquiry form and the content of this form is then forwarded to you. You can then establish an email dialogue with your potential buyer, which hopefully leads to a viewing and eventual sale. It is that simple!

Building Trust

Most people are of course honest but we always need to watch out for fraud. When selling or buying, always remember that trust is a two way street, both the buyer and the seller need to establish trust in the other.

A Sale Scenario

A typical sale through MyHomeForSale might proceed as follows:

  • A potential buyer is interested in your property and makes an initial enquiry via our web site.
    • Enquiries should be relevent and answerable without expecting too much to be given away e.g. don't ask to see documents such as utility bills at this early stage (this could expose the seller to identity fraud), ask instead what are the utility charges?
  • The property owner answers the enquiry and exchanges e-mail addresses
    • We provide an owner's notes page about security when answering enquiries
  • Interest grows and a viewing is arranged
    • We advise owners to request some legal ID from the buyer before allowing access to the property.
    • Be extremely suspicious of someone who wishes to buy your property without viewing.
  • A successul viewing leads to an offer to purchase and you exchange solicitor details to complete the sale.
    • The order of actions here may be country specific.