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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to some common questions our users are asking but don't forget to look at other information, such as:

How It Works A description of how to use the web site. How to contact a property owner etc.
Owner Mail Notes for owners receiving emails from us.
Our Use of Cookies Notes about where and why we use cookies.

Questions for Buyers

Why do I have to supply the time whenever I contact an owner?

This is part of our privacy and security controls. Interpreting an image is difficult for computer programs, your completing the time field helps ensure only valid enquiries are forwarded to the owner.

Questions for Owners

How much does it cost to advertise my house?

You can find full details of current charges on our "Sell My Home" page.

My property is listed on your site. What now?

We will have updated the information we prepare for the web search engines such as Google, however, the search engines take a while to view (crawl) and categorise (index) the information provided. While that happens there are a number of things you can do now:
  • You will have been provided with a link to your property. Share this with friends and on your social networks.
  • You can use the visit card template to have cards printed via an online service such as VistaPrint. You can then distribute these cards to friends or via third parties e.g. restaurants, supermarkets etc.

How do I use the "Information Captured from enquirer's device"?

Information supplied by the enquirer on the "Contact owner" page is subject to rigerous validation by our web software even before an email is generated. In addition we manually scan a sample of all the enquiries. Information collected from the enquirer's device allows you to further check the consistency of the enquirer's story with the location of the device. This can help you ascertain the authenticity of a genuine enquiry before answering. See our page Owner's Mail for more information.